Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic can I still get a US passport?
Yes, the US State Department is issuing US passports, although their lead time is lengthier than usual, probably in the 8+ week time frame.
Can the passport be expedited?
No, not at this time. Passport expediting was suspended in March 2020 due to safety concerns for federal workers and contractors and with a diminished staff passport expediting has been temporarily suspended.
When should we expect expediting to return?
Excellent question without a definitive answer. The US State Department indicated they expect to resume normal services in the Fall, but haven’t made any further announcements about when exactly.
If I want my passport quickly, can I go to a Passport Agency to get my passport expedited?
No, the Passport Agencies remain closed to the public except for emergency passport processing.

Group Travel

Do you have discounts for group travel?
We do, however it will depend on the number of applicants, and whether there is a point person on the group travel side organizing the trip or will PVA be receiving applications piecemeal and be working directly with the traveler themselves. Please ask one of our visa advisors about your specific situation.

Corporate Travel

Do you offer discounts for corporate travel?
Absolutely. PVA will work closely with the global travel manager and administrative assistants to create a stable workflow, corporate log-in, assigned personnel to the account, discounted prices and more that will benefit all parties involved. Contact Marc Gilland at to discuss particulars.
Is there anything else PVA does?
PVA handles local, state, federal and foreign document authentication processes, either apostille or document legalization for use in a foreign country. Contact Catie Langdon at to discuss particulars.

Emergency Passports

What is an emergency passport exception?
An immediate family member who is overseas and has either fallen gravely ill, has been severely injured, has died or is about to die, are grounds for an emergency passport process. Immediate family is classified as grandparents, parents, siblings, legal guardian, or spouse. Great grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts, and uncles are not considered immediate family.
I might have a situation like that, what do I do?
Review the requirements HERE and if you feel you qualify, call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 and advise you have an emergency passport requirement. They will advise if you have the necessary criteria or not.
What are some situations that are not acceptable for an emergency passport?
Travel overseas for work, business, tourism, weddings, or job interviews are a few examples.
Can Passport Visa Advisors help?
PVA can review your supporting documents, create the US passport application, lead the calls to the Passport Agency when requesting an emergency passport with the applicant on the line, but the applicant must appear in person at the Passport Agency and must be leaving the USA within three business days. Call for more information at 704-246-6373.
When passport expediting returns, what should I expect?
When the State Department moves to Phase 3, PVA will be able to process expedited passports as quickly as a few hours or up to a couple of weeks depending on the applicant’s travel requirements. Additional fees and a flight itinerary is required.
What if I don’t have urgent passport requirements but I need my passport renewed?
PVA can process your passport using one of our passport processing services. We have three levels of service including standard, preferred and corporate.
What are the differences between the three?
PVA offers three non-expedited passport services for our clients.

  • Standard
    PVA reviews data provided by the client and we review their information, create their passport application provide detailed instructions on what documents the Passport Agency requires, where to send the application, costs and what happens if a passport application is suspended.
  • Preferred
    PVA reviews the client’s data, creates, and prints their passport application and the client’s uploaded passport photos and physically send their application, photos and a pre-paid USPS Priority Mail envelope to the client to use to ship their application directly to the US Passport Agency. PVA also mails documents out via USPS Priority Mail and will provide a tracking number to the client. Money orders can be added to their order with an additional cost added to their order.
  • Corporate
    PVA reviews the client’s data, creates their passport application, and sends it securely via email to the client to print and sign. The client will send their document to PVA and upon receipt PVA will print a passport photo, affix a USPS money order to the application and submit to the US Passport Agency on the client’s behalf.
Can’t I do this all myself?
Indeed, you can, however we like to think that 20 years of passport experience and providing all required documents and instructions is worth the investment in our services. Just like a CPA would help an individual files for their income taxes, their expertise and knowledge will help the taxpayer with their best outcome, rather than just hoping they’re getting it right. Our experts will quickly handle your application process and give you the best chance of a successful passport process.
Will PVA guarantee I will get a passport?
No, PVA, nor anyone else guarantee your passport will be issued. We have no control over whether the State Department wants you to have a passport or not. We can guarantee our services will be error free and completed on a timely basis.


Can you help obtain visas for travel aboard?
As long as a personal appearance at an embassy is not required, PVA can help obtain visas for travel to most foreign countries. PVA regularly helps clients with travel to Russia, China, India, Vietnam for business and tourism.
Why would I have to appear in person at a foreign embassy?
The Schengen Union countries require personal appearance at the Embassy or Consulate by an applicant going to study or work in one or more of these 26 countries. The Schengen Union consists of: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.
Can you help get passports for non-US citizens?
With the exception of Ireland, PVA is unable to assist in applying for a non-US passport
Can you help foreign nationals obtain visas to travel from the USA?
As with the Schengen visas, as long as a personal appearance is not required, PVA can apply for a visa for a non-US national living legally and with long term status (Green Card, H1B, L1 visas, F1/I-20).
Can you help B1/B2 visa holders with visas out of the USA?
No, foreign embassies will not accept applications for short term visitors to the USA. The applicants will be required to travel back to their home country and apply for their visa there.
Can you help interested parties obtain a visa to come to the USA?
No, we can’t this is immigration and we only help with visas from the USA to another country, not another country to the USA.