Passport Renewal-Standard Plan


  • Passport Renewal Application - Standard Plan


    Your name as it appears on your most recent passport book or card.

    Complete if name was different from your most recent passport book or card

    The US State Department requires all passport applicants to list their Social Security Number (SSN) on their passport application. The security of our clients is our foremost concern so if you’re worried about providing this PII data, PVA can process your passport application, however you will be required to handwrite your SSN on the application form we provide prior to mailing to the Passport Agency. Should the SSN be left off the passport application, the Passport Agency will suspend the application process until the SSN information is physically sent to them.


    (if applicable)

    (if applicable)

    (if applicable)

    • Proof of US citizenship and identity
    • Entry allowed into the USA by air, sea, and land
    • Alternative to state issued RealID required for domestic travel in October 2021

    • Proof of US citizenship and identity
    • Entry allowed into USA at land crossings and seaports from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda only
    • Can’t be used for international air travel
    • Alternative to state issued RealID required for domestic travel in October 2021
    • + $ 110.00 US Government fee paid by you.
    • Recommended option for travelers who frequently travel abroad and run out of space in their passports before the passport expires.
    • Note: if your current passport has limited use over the last 10 years, a standard passport will probably be issued regardless of your request
    • Optional service to increase US Passport Agency’s processing speeds by several weeks.
    • This additional fee will be paid directly to the US Passport Agency

    Applicants using PVA’s Standard Service will pay their passport fees directly to the Passport Agency. Fees for the passport book, passport card and expedited services are listed here, but are not collected by Passport Visa Advisors. The fees collected are for the processing of your application only. The passport book, passport card, and passport information is required so PVA can complete the application to your satisfaction.

    I understand that I am using a private company providing passport application preparation service at my request.  PVA is not affiliated with any government agency, nor advertises as such.  I also understand that PVA makes no promises regarding the outcome of using our service.  The US Passport Agency will decide if the applicant will receive their US passport book and/or card.  I acknowledge and confirm that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by PVA’s Terms & Conditions and cancellation policy as well.


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