Great to hear from you and congratulations on the birth of your baby.

As you may already know, our firm specializes in processing urgent passports requests for international parents (IPs) having a baby via surrogacy. Whether the clients are single dads, same-sex couples, dad/mom or dad/surrogate, Passport & Visa Advisors can help get a passport processed in as quickly as one day or up to two weeks. Standard US passport processing takes 4-6 weeks after the birth certificate is issued or half that time if expedited services are requested directly through the Passport Agency.

For international IPs that can’t wait up between 3-6 weeks to return home, PVA can provide quick passport processing in a matter of a few days, not weeks. PVA can also process visas for most countries if required.

Passport Expediting Services consist of:

  • Step 1 – the parent/s obtain their child’s birth certificate and go to a local Acceptance Agency (usually located at a Post Office or courthouse) to provide the child is a US citizen, the parent/s are properly confirmed and all paperwork and payment is in order
  • Step 2 – following the visit to the Acceptance Agency the baby’s sealed documents and the parents send them to PVA for submission at the Passport Agency
  • Step 3 – PVA submits the passport application and retrieve the passport and birth certificate once complete. Processing time is based on the speed selected by the parent/s. PVA sends the passport and birth certificate back and the address previously provided the following day

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