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Why Passport & Visa Advisors?

Passport & Visa Advisors was created to serve clients with high-quality, face-to-face service levels not usually found in the passport and visa industry. PVA caters to the needs of travelers who are missing that high-touch personalized level of service associated with a regional company.
PVA takes the time to instruct and educate clients on the travel requirements for international destinations rather than the traveler having to rely only on a website and a call center for support.

Schengen Visas

Twenty-six European countries make up the Schengen Union and one Schengen visa allows travel across their borders without requiring a unique visa from each country.  Schengen visas apply to most foreign nationals living in the USA and almost without exception a personal appearance at the country’s consulate in the USA is required.  While third parties are typically not allowed to represent a Schengen visa applicant in person, Passport & Visa Advisors can provide:

How can I obtain a Schengen visa?
  • Where to apply if a country to be visited doesn’t have a consulate in the USA
  • How long a Schengen visa is good for
  • Whether a Schengen visa can it be extended once in country
  • What happens if my Schengen visa application isn’t approved
  • Costs for these services can be found here

In many countries students are required to obtain a visa for studying abroad whether it be for the a semester, a full year or through to a degree. The best source for information regarding the specific country’s requirements is the school itself, however Passport & Visa Advisors can assist with review of the application requirements but not the actual submission itself. In all most every case a personal appearance at the country’s consulate in the USA is required. While PVA can’t submit in person we can provide:

  • Professional guidance pertaining all necessary application components, lead time, costs and consulate locations
  • Review of all documents whether in person, via Skype or with documents uploaded per our secure serve
  • Whether a police background check (or FBI) is required
  • Information regarding foreign nationals studying abroad but living in the USA
  • Assistance should a visa be denied or problems in the application process occur
Study Abroad Advisory

What our clients say about us…

Thank you! It has been an effortless experience working with you and your company. When time is of the essence, and verbiage is foreign, your assistance has been instrumental.
My son lost his passport while at school and was scheduled to leave the country within a month. A friend of mine recommended I talk to either Marc or Anne and boy, am so glad I called. They told me what Chris needed to do and after we handed off the application I was assured that his application was in order. Two weeks later Chris received his passport with a week to spare!” Five Stars from me!
Jennifer O., Charlotte, NC
My daughter was accepted into a program in London. She was going to be spending a semester overseas and was required to have a visa. I had heard horror stories about the UK visa process and chose to work with Catie this service to make sure everything was right the first time around. I was not disappointed. Catie was extremely knowledgeable and I couldn’t have done it without her.
Steven J., Greenville, NC
After an initial consultation I was able to send my passport application on my own. It turned out that I did everything right in the first place, but I wasn’t sure at the time. Didn’t want to spend the extra money, but glad I did.

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PVA is not an insurance company however like insurance policies our services provide assurances, peace of mind and protection from possible travel delays, unexpected costs and missed international travel.

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