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For more than 10 years the owners of Passport & Visa Advisors have helped international couples and individuals to obtain a US passport for infants born in the United States via surrogacy. PVA works directly with surrogacy agencies, legal practices, international couples and individuals to obtain US passports for their child or children as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Higher Success Rates

The United States is a popular surrogate birth destination due to higher success rates, better quality of care, advanced medical technology and as well as significant legal protections afforded through most US state courts. Specifically, single fathers and same sex couples who experience restrictions against surrogate birth in their home countries find acceptance with the surrogate process in the USA.

Trouble Free

When a couple or an individual is unable to have a child on their own, they often turn to a surrogate to carry a child till birth. Intended parents may seek a surrogacy arrangement when either pregnancy is medically impossible, pregnancy risks are to the mother are too high or a single man or a same sex couple’s want a family and are unable to do so via traditional methods.


Passport & Visa Advisors understands the nuances of the US passport petition when the parents are from overseas, language is a barrier and the family unit is non-traditional such as a man or two men, married or not. PVA is here to help families return back to their home country with their new born child as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

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