Applications for US passports remain high

Applications for US passports remain high with the shortest processing time quoted by the US Department of State being 7-9 weeks. The Agency also advises to allow two additional weeks for shipping to and from Philadelphia.

If you are leaving in less than nine weeks, please contact us via our link to share your situation. The Passport Agency won’t accept our clients if travel isn’t within two weeks of the date of application, however we’d be happy to discuss your situation at your convenience.

PVA makes it faster

Passport Visa Advisors services remain two weeks or less, however international travel is required in two weeks or less if a visa is not required.

Visit our Passport Services page, choose the service of your choice and compare the differences in processing time. For instance, for New Passport we offer: 3-4 business days and 5-7 business days.

For more information, call us at 704-246-6373.